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Get the Best Service from a Trusted Local Moving Company & Bekins Movers

What do you get when you combine the home-grown values of Charles E. Groff movers with the nationwide reputation of Bekins moving services? It’s the best of all worlds, all delivered in one efficient, client-focused residential moving service.

Who is Bekins Moving Services?

Since 1891, Bekins has been working to make local and long-distance moves simple for their customers. Their number-one goal is to make relocation easy and efficient for you, and that’s how we knew that Bekins would be the perfect partner to maintain the high level of service you’re accustomed to with Charles E. Groff movers.

The Bekins Commitment to Quality means focus on continual improvement, maintaining the reputation of being one of the U.S.’s best moving companies and the oldest household goods carrier in the country. They hold themselves above the industry standard, which means they have more satisfied customers than other residential moving companies.

When it came time for us to find a new van line, we knew that Bekins would deliver—just like we do. So when you see a Bekins moving truck in Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, or anywhere in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, or Washington D.C., think Charles E. Groff & Sons movers. And then contact us for an estimate.

Put Charles E. Groff and Bekins Moving Services to Work for You

You may have seen Bekins moving trucks on the road or parked in front of a neighbor’s home and wondered, “How can I solve my moving problems with a Bekins moving solution?” The answer is simple: Get in touch with Charles E. Groff & Sons, Inc. to schedule a no-cost estimate for your upcoming residential move.

We’ll work to make your move one to remember—for all the right reasons. Get in touch with Charles E. Groff—powered by Bekins movers in Lancaster—today.