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Let Our Team of Reliable Movers Create Your Peace of Mind

What’s your biggest concern when searching for reliable movers? You want to ensure your items won’t be damaged, that they’ll arrive on time, and that you can trust the people who will be in your home, right? The Charles E. Groff & Sons Moving & Storage team is proving, every day, that we’re all that and more.

How We Create Moving-Day Peace of Mind

From the first interaction with our moving company’s team, the reasons we’ve been trusted by homeowners, renters, landlords, and nursing home facilities for more than 60 years will become evident.

Experience You Can Rely On

Charles E. Groff Moving & Storage performs over 2500 successful moves yearly—safely and on time. A crew leader is assigned to every moving crew to ensure all residential and commercial moves go smoothly and that employees operate safely.

People You Can Trust

All of our employees are:

  • Professional
  • Courteous
  • Full-Time
  • Experienced
  • Credentialed
  • Background-Checked
  • Drug-Tested
  • Lift-Tested

The Team That Takes the Stress Out of Moving, Storage, and Auto/Truck Repair

Whether you’re moving around the block or across the country, moving can be a stressful experience filled with hard work, disruptions to your routine, and an endless series of details that must be handled—unless you work with reliable movers who know how to make it easy for you.

If you want to store items for a short time or long term, we make storage affordable and secure.

And if you need auto repair or inspection, fleet maintenance, or a motorcycle inspection, our trained mechanics have that covered, too.

Anthony Funk, Interstate Driver/Crew Leader

Anthony is one of our interstate drivers and worked for us part time for a few years before returning to work here full time in December of 2021. He is an avid Penn State Football fan and enjoys anything related to sports. He and his fiancé, Emily, will be married September 28, 2024.

Les Brosius, Owner/Estimator

Les has worked for Charles E Groff & Sons Inc for over 20 years, and took ownership of the company in 2008. He spends most of his time visiting customers and providing accurate estimates for moving jobs. Les enjoys meeting and talking with customers and has been in sales for most of his life. He is married and has a son.

Stacey Vuxta, General Manager

Stacey is the general manager for Groff’s, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company. She has been with the company since May of 1999. Her and her late husband have three beautiful daughters (Jenna, Amber, Emily) and five of the sweetest grandchildren (Jordan, Leaira, Layla, Logan, Benson). In her free time she enjoys shopping at craft/antique shops and spending time with her family.

Travis Mayer, Interstate Driver/Crew Leader

Travis Mayer has been with Charles E. Groff & Sons Inc. since 2013. He works as a crew leader and interstate driver for Bekins. Travis lives in Bainbridge with his wife, Jenna, and their three children, Jordan, Layla, and Logan (and their two fur babies Tank & Rebel). In his free time, he enjoys being with his family and riding his Harley.

Ryan Funk, Crew Leader

Ryan has been with Charles E. Groff & Sons, Inc. since 2020, working as a crew leader and driver. Ryan lives in Elizabethtown with his wife, Heather, and their three children, Anthony, Aliyah, and Ariana (and their family dog, Cody). In Ryan’s free time he enjoys being at the beach and watching Penn State football.

Dave Long, Crew Leader/Mechanic

Dave has been with Charles E Groff & Sons, Inc. since 1987, working as a crew leader and interstate driver. He has received a number of awards from American Red Ball including driver of the month and 250,000 accident free miles. He recently received the Melvin P Duncan Jr. award from American Red Ball for his accomplishments (safe driving and service with American Red Ball for 2014). You will also see Dave in our garage working as a mechanic. He enjoys meeting new people and traveling to different places. He is married to his wife, Vanessa, and has three children (Trenton, Kaitlyn, Kelsey). In his spare time, Dave enjoys camping and four-wheeling.

Travis Bleacher, Crew Leader

Travis has been with Charles E Groff & Sons, Inc., for over 30 years, starting with the company right out of high school. Travis works as a crew leader on a variety of moving jobs. In his spare time Travis likes to ride his Harley.

In Memory Of: John Vuxta

John was one of our drivers working with the company from August 2000 until his unexpected passing on May 21, 2018. John traveled all of the continental United States during his time with the company and was a key part of our interstate operations. John was an avid hunter and enjoyed restoring old farm tractors. He is survived by his wife, Stacey, their three daughters, and four grandchildren.

Earl Ziegler, Mechanic

Earl has worked for Charles E Groff & Sons, Inc. since 2001. He is currently our Shop Manager and likes being a mechanic because there’s something different to do every day. Earl is married to his wife, Judy, and they have two children (Stacey & Steve). They also have five grandchildren (Jenna, Amber, Emily Blake, Summer) and four great grandchildren (Jordan, Layla, Logan, Benson). Earl enjoys riding his Harley in his free time.

Steve Arnold, Interstate Driver/Crew Leader

Steve has been with Charles E Groff & Sons, Inc. since 2014. He is a crew leader and an interstate driver for Bekins. Steve enjoys hunting and fishing. He is married to Mandi and they have three beautiful children (Kylin, Tyson, Brycen).

Jenna Mayer, Secretary

Jenna has been with Charles E. Groff & Sons, Inc. since 2014. She schedules our Bekins moves, takes care of our military shipments, manages many hotel and restaurant projects, and is also our forklift trainer. From time to time you will see her out on moving crews. She and her husband, Travis, live in Bainbridge with their three children (Jordan, Layla, Logan) and two fur babies (Rebel & Tank).

Emily, Secretary

Emily works as a secretary and takes care of all customers who need service from the garage. From time to time you may see her on some crews. She started working here part time in 2015 on moving crews with her dad. In March of 2020 she joined the office crew as a full-time secretary. She and Anthony are engaged and getting married in September of 2024. They have two cats Shay & Shelby. In her free time she enjoys being out and about or with her family.

Amber Hoover, Secretary

Coming Soon

Andrew Buchter, Crew Leader

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Andrew Plows, Crew Leader

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Chad Young, Crew Leader

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Dalton Kennedy, Shop Helper

Dalton has been working here since October 2021, he works as a shop helper most of the time, occasionally on the moving side of the company. Outside of work he lives on a farm and likes to work on his personal vehicles. He has a strong passion for trucks and cars and always enjoys working on them in his free time.